Internship Opportunities

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates offers a number of internships throughout the year for students interested and invested in furthering women’s social and political voices in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates (PPPA) is one of 21 state public affairs offices of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. PPPA staff coordinate political and issue education efforts with public affairs staff at Pennsylvania’s three Planned Parenthood affiliates who serve over 140, 000 patients a year. Our goal is to ensure legislative, issue, and political advocacy efforts are integrated into a coordinated statewide strategy.

Check out the internship opportunities we have for the Summer of 2016.


Planned Parenthood interns from across PA gather to rally for raising the minimum wage.

Public Affairs Internship

Interested in learning the ins and outs of non-profit advocacy work? By becoming a part of the PPPA team you will gain hands-on experience in planning, participating and rallying support through grassroots outreach and advocacy within Pennsylvania’s communities. Interns will have the opportunity to directly connect with Pennsylvania residents to not only gain support, but to serve as helping hands in raising awareness about current issues in reproductive health and rights. Also, interns will have the opportunity to research, discuss, and garner support around current Pennsylvania legislation. 

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This position is also available in State College/Penn State University. To learn more about and apply to this opportunity click here.

Health Center Advocacy Program Internship

The Health Center Advocacy Program internship presents a unique opportunity for interns and volunteers to work inside our health centers! Interns will have the responsibility to educate staff and patients about the political world in which the services they are receiving exist.  Outside the health center, interns and staff will disseminate information about health services to the surrounding communities.  Positions for this internship are available in various cities across the Commonwealth.

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