PA Abortion Ban Bills: SB3 & HB 77

Prime Sponsor:
Sen. Michelle Brooks (R-SD50 serving Crawford, Erie (part), Mercer, and Warren (part) Counties)

Introduced By: Senators Brooks, Langerholc, Reschenthaler, Vulakovich, DiSanto, Folmer, Scarnati, White, Stefano, Alloway, Rafferty, Hutchinson, Martin, Aument, Eichelberger, Bartolotta, Ward, Vogel, Yaw, Wagner, Argall, Browne and Mensch

CLICK HERE to see bill information on SB3, including a link to full text.

Prime Sponsor:
Rep. Kathy Rapp (R-HD65 serving Crawford (part), Forest (part), and Warren Counties)

Introduced By: Rapp, Kavulich, Turzai, Reed, Cutler, Oberlander, Benninghoff, Saylor, Baker, Knowles, Schemel, Ward, Klunk, Zimmerman, B. Miller, Roe, Keefer, Ryan, Kortz, Diamond, Pickett, Readshaw, Tallman, Warner, Rader, Gabler, McGinnis, Haggerty, Metzgar, Causer, Barrar, Irvin, Metcalfe, Quigley, Topper, Wheeland, Greiner, A. Harris, Bloom, Millard, Phillips-Hill, Nelson, Dush, Staats, Grove, Hickernell, Lawrence, James, Marsico, Cox, Gillen, Peifer, Roae, Wentling, DeLuca, Everett, Nesbit, Ortitay, Hennessey, Sonney, Neilson, Kauffman, Fee, Pyle, Toohil, Helm, Saccone, Sankey, Ellis, Boback and Rothman

CLICK HERE to see bill information on HB77, including a link to full text.

What these bills mean for Pennsylvanians seeking abortion care:

These bills propose the most extreme restrictions on abortion in the country. SB3 and HB77 would ban abortions after twenty weeks except in the rarest of circumstances, leaving no exceptions for rape, incest, health or tragic fetal anomalies. It would also ban one of the safest methods of second trimester abortions, putting women at risk and taking crucial decisions about their medical care out of the hands of their trusted medical providers. Make no mistake – the proponents of this bill are hypocritical politicians who do not care about the health and safety of these women but care only about putting safe and legal abortion completely out of reach.

History of the bill:

Last session, Rep. Kathy Rapp and Sen. Michelle Brooks introduced legislation (HR 1948/SB 888) that would amend the Abortion Control Act to outlaw abortions starting at 20 weeks and criminalize the D&E method of abortions, which is one of the most commonly used method of 2nd trimester abortions and is also used frequently in the 1st trimester. Similar to this year, the bill was run quickly and quietly, without any public hearings and without any input from medical experts.

Actions you can take to stop SB3/HB77:
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  • As of February 21, 2017 both SB3 and HB77 were referred to the House Health Committee. We are encouraging supporters to call House Health Committee members urging them to vote against either of these bills, should they be brought before the committee for a vote (see a link for sample script(s) below).
    • SB3 has already passed through senate committee and floor votes. This is the first stop for SB3 in making its way to the House floor for a final vote before being sent to the Governor’s desk.
    • HB77 has had no committee hearings or floor votes. It must first pass through this committee before being sent to the House floor for a final vote before being sent to the senate. 
  • Call your state senators and representatives (
    • Now that a vote has occurred on the Senate floor for SB3, we encourage you to send a message of thanks or disappointment to your Senator. See below a list of the votes to determine if your Senator voted Yea or Nay on SB3.
  • Share your abortion story (
  • Donate to Planned Parenthood and your local abortion fund (
  • Show your support for Planned Parenthood and access to safe and legal abortion in locations visible to your elected officials
  • Talk about abortion and the state of abortion access with your friends and families
    • Share action alerts from the PPPA Facebook page and local news stories around the bill on your social media pages
  • Attend local events! Here are some upcoming rallies against SB3/HB77:
    • Know of an event in your area? Let us know by emailing us at

Resources for your activist arsenal:

News Coverage of SB3

Votes on SB3

  • 2/6/17: Senate Judiciary Committee votes 10-5 to pass SB3 out of committee and to the Senate floor
    • YEA: Alloway, Eichelberger, Gordner, Langerholc, Rafferty, Reschenthaler, Vulakovich, Yaw, Greenleaf, Scarnati
    • NAY: Boscola, Farnesse, Haywood, Leach, Sabatina
  • 2/8/17: PA Senate votes 32-18 to pass SB3
    • YEA: Alloway, Argall, Aument, Bartolotta, Brewster, Brooks, Browne, Corman, DiSanto, Eichelberer, Folmer, Gordner, Greenleaf, Hutchinson, Killion, Langerholc, Martin, McGarrigle, Mensch, Rafferty, Regan, Reschenthaler, Scarnati, Scavello, Stefano, Tomlinson, Vogel, Vulakovich, Wagner, Ward, White, Yaw
    • NAY: Baker, Blake, Boscola, Costa, Dinniman, Farnese, Fontana, Haywood, Hughes, Laughlin, Leach, McIlhinney, Sabatina, Schwank, Street, Tartaglione, Williams, Yudichak