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Planned Parenthood Urges Legislators to Protect the Health and Safety of Pennsylvanian Women

December 11, 2013

“It is time to stop playing politics and put women’s health first,” says Planned Parenthood

HARRISBURG, PA — Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates (PPPA) is proud to endorse the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women’s Health, introduced today. Planned Parenthood applauds the legislators who introduced this platform that is designed to promote healthy women and families and works to end the health inequities women face.
“For far too long, the agenda of the Pennsylvania legislature has been to restrict and reduce women’s access to reproductive care under a false guise of promoting women’s health,” said Meghan Roach, Director of Policy at Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates. “It is time to stop playing politics with women’s health and focus on proactive policies that will protect and promote the health and safety of women and families.”
“As Pennsylvania’s leading women’s health care provider, we see firsthand the incredible potential that these new laws could have for women. We are deeply grateful for the leadership of Senator Judy Schwank, Senator Chuck McIlhinney, Representative Dan Frankel and their colleagues for introducing this agenda and for standing up for sensible laws that could improve the lives of women across the state,” Roach continued.
In the past three years, Pennsylvanian politicians have introduced, passed, or signed into law a record number of bills that cut off women from access to health care outright. Just last week, Representative Daryl Metcalfe reintroduced his failed attempt to do just this with House Bill 1870, a bill that would cut off funding for preventive services including cancer screenings and family planning services for Planned Parenthood patients.
In stark contrast to these out-of-touch attacks, the Agenda for Women’s Health provides concrete solutions to real health issues that affect Pennsylvania women today. One of these bills, the Ensuring Access to Health Care Facilities Bill, would create a 15-foot buffer zone outside reproductive health care centers in the Commonwealth. Buffer zones are already in effect in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, where health centers co-exist peacefully with protesters, but in other parts of the state, protesters harass and intimidate women daily.
Legislation that ensures safe access to reproductive health is critically needed in our state, as is legislation that addresses the economic security and personal safety of women. Policy initiatives such as those introduced today reflect a commitment to equal treatment, access and opportunity to achieve, not just for women, but for their families and communities.
In partnership with the three Planned Parenthood affiliates in Pennsylvania, Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates, the state public affairs office in Harrisburg, works to achieve maximum public, governmental and media support for reproductive health care - including family planning.

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