Key moments from the Pa. governor’s debate, annotated PA Post reporters are taking a closer look at Monday night’s debate.

Posted on October 2, 2018

Originally published online with PA Post
October 2, 2018
Author: Ed Mahon

The closing remarks

Trebek: Alright, governor, your closing remarks, please.

Wolf: Again, Alex, thank you for moderating this. And I want to thank the Chamber for actually hosting this and organizing this event. And, Scott, thank you for running.

I think in a democracy, again, we need two candidates at least to show thecontrasts and the two different visions that we have for Pennsylvania.

My vision is really simple, it is that if you start from where I started, three years and eight months ago, Pennsylvania was underfunding its schools.

We need to a better job.  I have put a billion dollars into our schools.720,000 Pennsylvanians have health care who didn’t have health insurance just three and a half years ago. I have made Pennsylvania better in terms of focusing on the opioid epidemic.

And I’ve done this in a fiscally responsible way. We have a balanced budget.We actually have put money into the rainy day fund for the first time in over a decade, and I’m doing it with integrity. These things matter for our democracy, for our commonwealth and for our future.

And if I’m given the privilege of another four years, I will continue to move Pennsylvania on this path, on this trajectory to a better future. Thank you.

Trebek: OK.

Wagner: You know, we’ve had a great evening tonight. You know, the people here at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center, the servers, did you notice how they served 1,700 meals flawlessly. Did you notice that?

Why am I telling you this? Because the kitchen’s working here. But it’s not working in Harrisburg. OK.

And if you think I’m kidding. Listen, I’m an operations guy. I know what it takes to put hundreds of trucks on the street every day. I know what it takes to have men and women leave when it’s dark out.

Our agencies in Harrisburg are not working. If I was going to write a book or produce a movie, it would be “Government Gone Wild.” Do you know what DEP stands for? Don’t Expect Permits. That’s what it stands for.

Listen. We can talk about gas taxes in Pennsylvania. We do have the highest gas tax in the nation. And you know what, I’m OK with that. But you know what, we shouldn’t have more potholes than ever in the last four years. There’s more trash along the highways. There’s more bent up guide rails.

Listen, if you do what I’ve been doing for the last year, over 600 stops, talking to people in truck stops, and in diners, manufacturing plants, coal mines, natural gas drill sites. Go up to Elk County, to the beautiful Elk Visitors Center. Visit the Lumberman’s Museum. Go around Pennsylvania and talk to the people of Pennsylvania, they have a completely different opinion of Gov. Wolf. Things aren’t working. And it’s about time it changes.

Listen, folks, I’m not trying to be politically correct. And I don’t need this job, and I don’t need the money. I have a great career. But I want to tell you something. I’ve met some of the greatest people in Pennsylvania, as I’ve travelled around. Farmers, for example, all, they need someone who’s going to fight for them. And I pledge to the people of Pennsylvania, if you elect me as the next governor, I will get more done in the first six months than you’ve seen in the last 12 years.  Because I have one other pledge.

Trebek: (Inaudible) Gotta wrap it up (inaudible).

Wagner: If I am elected governor …

I have the stage, he’s not taking it away from me.

You know what?

Here’s my closing. Listen. When I’m elected governor, if I don’t do anything in four years, I pledge to you that I will change my name to Tom Wolf.

Trebek: Ladies and gentleman, on your behalf, I want to thank, I want to thank both candidates, and if I have managed to offend both sides, then I have probably succeed. And one final word, and that is, the answer, the correct answer to the very first question I asked here this evening is: Who is Chris Long? Thank you very much, Dennis. Let’s hear it for the candidates.

Governor. Have I upset both of you?

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