Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes Launches Their Largest Midterm Electoral Campaign to Reelect Tom Wolf

Posted on June 16, 2018

CONTACT: ​Sari Stevens, 

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes Launches Their Largest Midterm Electoral Campaign to Reelect Tom Wolf

The $1.5 million investment in gubernatorial and down ticket races marks the largest midterm investment in the organization’s history

Through door knocking, phone banking, text banking and mail the program will reach hundreds of thousands of voters

Harrisburg, PA​ – Today, Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes announced the launch of their 2018 electoral program to reelect Governor Tom Wolf and other reproductive health care champions this year in the state legislature. For the 2018 midterms, Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes is making an initial investment of $1.5 million to run large, grassroots mobilization programs in Pennsylvania including door knocking, phone banking, texting, direct mail and digital advertisements to help channel the energy and activism from last year into victories at the ballot box in 2018. This marks the largest midterm investment in the organization’s history.

Much of the initial $1.5 million investment will go towards reelecting Tom Wolf. The program will focus on engaging voters in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Allegheny, Lehigh, Reading, Centre, Dauphin and Erie counties. Through paid and volunteer door knocking, Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes will knock on over 230,000 doors by November. The program will focus on engaging Black voters, Latinx voters, college-educated white women, and young people. Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes will also run programs to help elect state legislators all around the state.

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes is already getting to work. With the launch of this program, volunteers will knock on over 1,500 doors in Chester, Bucks, Allegheny, Lehigh, Reading, Centre, Dauphin and Erie this weekend. And last weekend, Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes trained over 120 volunteers on how to utilize their power and art of storytelling to mobilize and engage their peers in electoral efforts, such as phone banking, text banking, canvassing and voter registration through an equity lens.

Statement from Sari Stevens, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Votes:
“The next governor has power to decide whether hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians can access affordable health care. That’s why we’re all in to re-elect Governor Tom Wolf.”

“​Governor Wolf is the champion that Pennsylvania needs. He is a brick wall against efforts to roll back health care access and rights of Pennsylvanians –– fighting back against attempts by extreme politicians to restrict access to birth control, cancer screenings, and safe, legal abortion.

“With Pennsylvanians’ health care on the line in 2018, we’re going to channel all the energy and grassroots activism we’ve seen over the last 16 months into electoral victories this November.

Over the past year, the Trump-Pence administration has allowed employers to deny birth control coverage to their employees, cut teen pregnancy prevention programs, tried to block care at Planned Parenthood, attempted to strip more than 20 million people of their health care, and stacked the courts with anti-abortion judges. These policies are hardest on communities of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ communities that have been historically discriminated against, and as a result have worse access to reproductive health care — and worse health outcomes.

The legislature in Pennsylvania has also actively voted to undermine our health and rights, including a measure (S.B. 3) that would have been among the most restrictive abortion ban in the country. The General Assembly rushed the bill without hearings or public input, even though similar measures failed to pass constitutional muster in other states. Governor Tom Wolf stood with women and vetoed the bill. The legislature continues to push measures that would roll back reproductive rights, limit women’s access to care and try to take away funding that supports Planned Parenthood health centers.

As a result of these attacks, women have been leading an unprecedented increase in activism and energy across the country to fight back. Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Vote’s program is positioned to channel this new grassroots energy into electoral victories in 2018.

A September 2017 Global Strategy Group Pennsylvania poll found that the Planned Parenthood brand is strong and trusted by voters statewide, testing at the top of all named entities and every elected official or candidate, and especially in the Philadelphia media market. Additionally, 54% of southeastern voters listed Governor Wolf’s support for reproductive rights and health as an “extremely important” reason to support his re-election.

Gov. Tom Wolf is a champion for reproductive health care:


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