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Implications of defunding Planned Parenthood, as it appears in Lancaster
September 9, 2015
“Our community benefits when residents have easy access to contraception and family planning, sex education, STD testing, and preventive screenings, and it takes several organizations to serve the varied needs in Lancaster.”
Sari Stevens: Toomey’s support for defunding agency shows he’s out of touch
September 4, 2015
It is outrageous to see some politicians in Washington, D.C., zealously pushing an anti-woman agenda by attacking access to critical health care — health care that helps thousands of Pennsylvania women plan their families, stay healthy and focus on achieving their dreams.
Pennsylvania has no role in Planned Parenthood tissue uproar
August 21, 2015
Planned Parenthood sites in Pennsylvania do not donate, buy or sell fetal tissue, a review by the state Department of Health found.
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Republican Supporters Against Defunding
By Alison Ballantine and Helen Bosley
on June 15, 2015

When Women Vote
By PPPA Admin
on November 21, 2014

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