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Planned Parenthood Says Volunteer Signups Spike After Trump’s Election
November 29, 2016
Planned Parenthood says it's added more than 800 volunteers in Pennsylvania since Donald Trump won the presidential election three weeks ago.
The organization says it usually gets about 20 to 25 new volunteers in a month.
Why the Whole Trump-Clinton Election Could Probably Just Be Held in Pennsylvania
September 21, 2016
With her polling lead slipping, Hillary Clinton still has Pennsylvania as a firewall — for now.

David Rothschild, an economist at Microsoft Research who runs PredictWise, an online forecasting model that relies on betting markets, explained the primacy of Pennsylvania for Mrs. Clinton’s election chances during an interview this week.
The Trump two-step: How a GOP senator is trying, awkwardly, to keep his job
August 18, 2016
As Sen. Patrick J. Toomey convened a roundtable discussion with local law enforcement leaders here in Western Pennsylvania, he made no boasts about a big, beautiful wall, or rounding up illegal immigrants, or banning Muslims.
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