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Birth control a help to women and their families for 50 years
June 17, 2015
Sunday marked the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision that offered constitutional protection for birth control. Griswold v. Connecticut paved the way for almost unanimous acceptance of contraception that now exists in this country. The impact of this case is worth considering as we look at how women’s lives have been transformed.
Why has rate of abortions shifted downward? Experts are divided
June 16, 2015
Times have changed since Phyllis Wetherby manned a phone line for the National Organization for Women, taking calls from women looking for financial assistance to get an abortion.
Older York teens more likely to get pregnant
June 8, 2015
State data shows efforts to reduce teenage pregnancy have been successful in York County, but the rate of pregnancy among older teens remains more than five times higher than that of York's younger teens.
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