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Key moments from the Pa. governor’s debate, annotated PA Post reporters are taking a closer look at Monday night’s debate.
October 2, 2018
Trebek: Alright, governor, your closing remarks, please.

Wolf: Again, Alex, thank you for moderating this. And I want to thank the Chamber for actually hosting this and organizing this event. And, Scott, thank you for running.

I think in a democracy, again, we need two candidates at least to show the contrasts and the two different visions that we have for Pennsylvania.
Scott Wagner: The ‘politically immoral’ have weaponized ‘legitimate women’s issues’ in Kavanaugh fight
October 2, 2018
In a sharply worded video posted to his Facebook account, Republican governor candidate Scott Wagner called for the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh and called accusations of sexual assault lodged against him "scorched earth tactics" employed for political gain.
The future of abortion access in Pennsylvania could hinge on its governor’s race
July 24, 2018
At a Planned Parenthood-sponsored panel in September, a woman asked Gov. Tom Wolf why, in a state where there are more Democrats and pro-choice residents, is the legislature so Republican and anti-abortion?

“Great question,” Wolf said to laughs.

That Wolf would appear at an event put on by a health care organization that’s become a political lightning rod isn’t a surprise. His election was hailed by Cecile Richards, then-president of the national Planned Parenthood Federation of America, as “pretty darn exciting.” He hasn’t backed down from his position supporting reproductive rights since taking office, vetoing a 20-week abortion ban bill in December and vowing to block similar legislation.
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