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Abortion bill heads to Gov. Wolf for veto
December 13, 2017
A controversial bill to restrict abortion rights in Pennsylvania is heading to Gov. Wolf, opening the door for a showdown between him and the Republican-controlled legislature.

Wolf, a Democrat, has promised to veto the bill, calling it “the most extreme anti-choice legislation in the country” and “an assault on the doctor-patient relationship by politicians without medical or health expertise.”
‘It’s Unthinkable': Pennsylvania Lawmakers Fast-Track ‘Dangerous’ Anti-Choice Bill
December 12, 2017
Kelsey Williams said she knew something was wrong when the technician called a doctor during what should have been a routine 20-week ultrasound.

Her world crashed on that February day when the doctor informed her that the fetus had clubbed hands, feet, and severe deformities. He was not moving and would not be able to develop normally.
Welcome to the Culture Wars: PA. House Panel Approves Restrictive Abortion Ban
December 5, 2017
So this is what it looks like when the Republican-controlled House of Representatives decides that it really wants to do something.
On Monday evening, under cover of darkness and without a public hearing, the House Health Committee voted along party lines to send the full House a bill banning abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy; outlawing
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